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Welcome to the ARK Store
FAQ Section:
Q: How do I use the store ingame?
A: Simply type in chat the following commands to access the ingame store: Note: leave out the < > in the commands
/points - show current amount of points
/shop < Page > - show a list of available items in the shop
/buy < ItemID > < Amount > - buy the item from shop
/trade < 'SteamName' > < Amount > - Send points to other player (' ' - are necessary)
/kit - Show all kits
/kit < KitName > - redeem the kit
/buykit < KitName > < Amount > - buy a kit (if kit has price)

Q: How can I buy ARK Points?
A: You may purchase ARK Points by selecting your server at the bottom of this page.
Q: Are my points cross-ark compatible?
A: No, they are only valid on the server you select to purchase the points on. However, anything you purchase from the store with the exception of dino parts (i.e. Spino Sails, Basilosaurus Blubber, etc.) is cross-ark transfer compatible.
Skins (hover over link for preview)
Player Skins (Scary, Clown, and Dino Cute Mask) id: pskins1  
Price: 5 ARK Points
Player Skins (Otter, TopHat, and Wyvern Gloves Skins) id: pskins2  
Price: 5 ARK Points
Bionic Dino Skins (Bionic Giga and Rex Dino Skins) id: bionic  
Price: 8 ARK Points
Dino Saddle Skin Pack (Misc Saddle Skins) id: saddlepack1  
Price: 6 ARK Points
1 x Scary Skull Mask Skin 1 x Otter Mask Skin 1 x Bionic Giga Skin 1 x Rex Stomped Glasses Saddle Skin
1 x Clown Mask Skin 1 x Top Hat Skin 1 x Bionic Rex Skin 1 x Dino Bunny Ears Skin
1 x Dino Cute Mask 1 x Wyvern Gloves Skin 1 x Dino Party Hat Skin
Pets (hover over link for preview)
Otter Pet (Level 40 Abberant Otter) id: otter  
Price: 10 ARK Points
Shinehorn Pet (Level 40 Shinehorn) id: shinehorn  
Price: 10 ARK Points
Glowtail Pet (Level 40 Glowtail) id: glowtail  
Price: 10 ARK Points
Featherlight Pet (Level 40 Featherlight) id: featherlight  
Price: 10 ARK Points
1 x Level 40 Otter Pet 1 x Level 40 Shinehorn Pet 1 x Level 40 Glowtail Pet 1 x Level 40 Featherlight Pet
Misc (hover over link for preview)
Tools (Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick) id: tools  
Price: 3 ARK Points
Boss Pack (Artifacts and Dino Parts) id: bosspack1  
Price: 25 ARK Points
Boss Pack (Artifacts and Dino Parts) id: bosspack2  
Price: 25 ARK Points
Boss Pack (Artifacts and Dino Parts) id: bosspack3  
Price: 25 ARK Points
1 x Hatchet 1 x Artifact Of The Clever 1 x Artifact Of The Cunning 1 x Artifact Of The Brute
1 x PickAxe 1 x Artifact Of The Hunter 1 x Artifact Of The Immune 1 x Artifact Of The Devourer
1 x Artifact Of The Massive 1 x Artifact Of The Skylord 1 x Artifact Of The Pack
10 x Argentavis Talon 1 x Artifact of the Strong 10 x Spinosaurus Sail
10 x Sarcosuchus Skin 10 x Basilosaurus Blubber 10 x Megalania Toxin
10 x Sauropod Vertebra 2 x Giganotosaurus Heart 10 x Thylacoleo Hook-Claw
10 x Titanoboa Venom 10 x Tusoteuthis Tentacle 10 x Megalodon Tooth
Purchase ARK Points: Choose Your Server (this will open a new window)
* KNIGHTS Ark Cluster - Aberration
* KNIGHTS Ark Cluster - Ragnarok
* KNIGHTS Ark Cluster - TheIsland
* KNIGHTS Ark Cluster - TheCenter