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The Official "WTF Do you look like Thread?!"

[Image: hoonpng.1.png]

nice shirt, shawn!
[Image: legion.gif]

Prez Pics

Me, my best bud, and a few other friends.
[Image: co.JPG]

Me at the range with an AK.
[Image: ak.JPG]

At range another day with the AR-15.
[Image: ar.JPG]

In my Class A's, when I was still ROTC.
[Image: ca.JPG]

My true personality.
[Image: c1.jpg]

Where my name came from.
[Image: c2.jpg]
[Image: prezsig.gif]
[Image: chipsig.gif][SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

fiel you sexy beast!!!
[Image: hoonpng.1.png]

Fiel Wrote:Really really weird to see people.

But I guess Im gonna join in Big Grin

I only got one pic on this computer. So.

My self after a party.

[Image: fuck.jpg]

To be honest. Im really drunk, cracked and tired.
So. Sorry Big Grin

That pic explains so much. I post one when I find one
[Image: crazy.gif]

nice, fiel =)
[Image: hoonpng.1.png]

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