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The Official .Gif thread V1

thought i'd make a thread for funny gifs for everyone to post in.
<CENTER>[Image: ElliottC666.png]

some more
<CENTER>[Image: ElliottC666.png]

and more:
<CENTER>[Image: ElliottC666.png]

Last one's not a gif but I had to post it when searching...
Funny Pics / Pogo Stick Trick Funny Pics / Lift them boobs
Funny Pics / Ninjas, they're everywhere

most are pretty funny. although the first one of the baby i find totally humorless
[Image: bobsig2-2.gif]

[Image: bgibsonsig.jpg]

this one isn't a gif either but i found it while searching. I thought i'd share
<CENTER>[Image: ElliottC666.png]

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