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The Official "WTF does your gaming rig look like?" Thread

I'll Start!


Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
8GB Samsung DDR800
320GB Western Digital HD
500GB Seagate Storage Drive
320MB nVidia 8800 GTS Video Card
Shuttle SD39P2 Chassis (up on the middle shelf there, yes everything listed above fits in it Tongue)
Sony DVDRW External Drive (tucked under the lower righthand corner of the monitor)
Klipsch Promedia THX 2.1 Speakers
Samsung SycMaster 2280HD Monitor with built in HDTV (with remote)
Microsoft Digital Media 3000 Keyboard (Wired)
Logitech G5 SE Mouse (Wired)
Razer eXactMat mousing surface
Xbox Wireless Receiver (for my wireless xbox headset)
HTC Touch Pro Cell Phone (lefthand side of my monitor) with my mini fan
and last but not least, my wireless xbox 360 guitar hero guitar Big Grin

if I take a picture I will steal its soul ~!! and Embarrass My self ~!
[Image: bbcowboyssig.png]
[Image: bbsigfinger.jpg]
[Image: knife1st-1.png]
[Image: heli2nd.png]
[Image: Userbar-for-Zach.gif]

eXactMat FTW. I had it first! :p

lol I used to have that keyboard, its in my garage now. got too clacky wayyyy to fast -_-

bornbadd Wrote:if I take a picture I will steal its soul ~!!

you got a Native American pc?
<center>[Image: marinesiga.png]<center>

<center>"It's not about right and left, it's about right and wrong" - Glenn Beck<center>

he just doesnt wanna show us all the empty beer cans around it and that lovely HP logo on the front of it Tongue

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