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Video Card suggestion

I'm needing some help in figuring out what a good upgrade for my video card would be.

Right now, I'm running an old Radeon HD 4870 with 1 gig of memory.
Or better yet, this:
It's been a pretty good card mostly, just it's a frigging mini heater and I don't think its very efficient for the power its using.

What I'm needing is some help with choosing a good replacement or replacements if that's a viable option. I have no idea what to look for when choosing a video card.

I'm not interested in spending $400+ on a card, but I'm not naive to think I'll get a good card for just a couple buck either. I'm looking for that happy medium.

Any suggestions?

Well.. I got the Sapphire DIRT 3 EDITION Radeon HD 6950 2 GB some months back... So far, I have been able to run every game on my PC with all settings on high (or ultra) except for AA ofcourse. This card is a good bang for your buck because there is a tiny hidden switch on the board that you flip to switch the bios to a 6990 version. I also have it overclocked via AMD Vision Engine Control Center.

Me and my girl have been playing 2 instances of borderlands simultaneously on my PC, one at 1920x1200 (maxed settings) and the other at 1920x1080 (maxed settings), and have yet to see the frames drop below 60.
[Image: tumblr_lu7z7uWZIs1qzozj1.gif]
[Image: integreddysignorikoonee.jpg]

hey sappy, i'd wait for the Nvidia GTX 660 to come out later in the year. If you really can't wait and want some serious bang for buck then you could go with something like this
<CENTER>[Image: ElliottC666.png]

Thanks guys. I'm leaning towards that HD 6950 like Teggy. Looks like what I'm after. Once I move into my new house, I think I'm going to start upgrading my PC some.

Yeah... the 7850 fails according to these benchmarks:

Best to always stick with X9XX cards, the ones with an 8 or a 5 for the second number are normally shit.
[Image: tumblr_lu7z7uWZIs1qzozj1.gif]
[Image: integreddysignorikoonee.jpg]

got me a fresh rig yesterday
ASRock 970 extreme3 MB
AMD fx4100 processor
8g Gskill ripjaws
128g SSD
Radeon HD6670
32" sony TV/monitor

I was playing BF3 last night on ultra with no problems other than my shitty internet provider, my bandwith is all over the place, but when it was high enough it played smooth. My provider is supposed to be here this morning to check it out, Looking forward to some BF3 action with you guys! Sappy, what kind of budget are you working with, what you wanna spend?

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