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 We have recieved 0% of our goal ..

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Please reply to this thread with any suggestions on what you would like to see added/changed/etc.

Some things I WILL NOT do:

1. Make the server an "easy mode" server. i.e. Player weight/HP will not be increased further than what it is currently. This is meant to be a challenge.
2. Grant admin just because you want it.

Is the egg laying turned down?
It seems like, at least for me that I get hardly any eggs.

Do the dinos of long gone players count against the total dino cap?

It would be cool if we could claim some of them.

Otherwise this is a great server and appreciate a cool place to play.

Thanks Duder!

I didnt change any egg I dont know what happened there

The dinos count, yes. If you get me a list i can clean them up and maybe enable claiming.

OK Thanks dude.

I haven't got a chance to get on today.

Would be cool to turn up egg laying some.

Of course I am just nitpicking :p

thanks again

Just a note that there is a typo on the island server message. on the server is
Survivor name Randy Bentwick on the server.

thanks, Ill fix that Big Grin

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