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Hey Guys!

long time no see! I stepped away from computer gaming for the most part as I just hated every single battlefield that came out after BF2! That; mixed with going to school and working and all that jazz made it hard to play.

I recently got back into it and have spent a lot of time playing PUBG (Players Unknown Battlegrounds) Does anyone play???
I also have discord and added the server to the list. Doesn't look like i have access to speak yet though, if anyone can help me out with that.
But I want to jump in and talk to you guys! expecially if anyone is playing PUBG.

hope all is well for everyone! and looking forward to talking to yall. Big Grin Big Grin

Stephen Foster
Instagram: Fosterxbear

sorry this took so long to need to be in discord for one of us to give you permissions to talk. None of us really plays PUBG (I own it and legit played one round) LOL

I know philo plays I think

Hey man,

Good to see you back on here. Yeah, PUBG has too many kids for my liking. It also runs terribly! I played a few rounds and refunded it.

Welcome back though!
<CENTER>[Image: ElliottC666.png]

hey Foster! hope all is well Smile


damn took me way too long to be able to log back in and reply to this! just got a brand new computer... I'm stoked!
Ill keep my eye out Shaw for the next time you are in discord to jump in so you can hook me up with that.
PUBG has for sure came a long way in recent time. it got pretty shitty for connection for a bit but they are making big strides and seems to be a decent game to play. (just got a new map too)
its the closest thing I have liked since playing BF2!

what other games do you guys have going on? I want to look into them and see if there is anything I can get into.


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