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The Official WTF Does your Desktop look like Thread?

Wow, your shit is pretty nice. i might post mine, don't know how really unless i just take a photo. i have 2000, so...kinda lame.
[Image: crazy.gif]

[Image: screenshot2.jpg]

Credit goes to Shawn for the wallpaper.

I'm not conceited. I just adore my name + nicknames + originality. This contains all 3.
I'm also incredibly ocd about how my desktop looks hah.
[Image: hoonpng.1.png]

I have a lot of design stuff on mine... you know, for designing stuff like... forum signatures, avatars, websites... did I mention forum signatures. And don't forget the avatars and websites too! Big Grin
[Image: ninjapeng2_2.png]
[Image: NinjaPenguin.png]
[Image: penguinsig.gif]

chaninja theme from windowblinds
[Image: legion.gif]

[Image: desktop.jpg]
For anyone as obsessed with guitars as I am, that's a vintage 1956 Gibson Les Paul goldtop and a vintage DeArmond amp.[/img]

Obviously not my gaming OS...
[Image: hmla.png]

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